“Dazzling comic and showman extraordinaire”

Tom Berresford, speaking of Alan Tripp

Network TV Executive, Retired

“Alan, man, you’re crazy on the keys!”

Shane and Shane


“Alan, God’s given you great skills on the piano, and an awesome testimony”

Nick Vujicic


“…a wry sense of humor and a modest and unassuming presentational style all his own”  

Douglas Pedersen, speaking of Alan Tripp

Entertainment Chair for Travelers Rest Resort in Florida

Alan, you played really well for our conference; you have a great technique.

Michael Wolff, of the Tourette Syndrome Association Board

Professional jazz pianist, composer, producer, actor and educator – michaelwolff.com

“Alan, you have a talent for the spectacular”

Colin Smith

Pastor of the Orchard Evangelical Free Church (Arlington Heights, IL)